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Fire Sprinkler Systems

Fire Sprinklers

We now offer an Exterior of House Automatic Wild Fire Sprinkler System.

We can also work with your insurance company to help you save up to 20% or more off your annual insurance rate when you install our Exterior Fire System. Please call us at 1-925-395-7639 for more details.

Even if the fire department is just a few miles from your place, a fire can spread with amazing speed. An approved, well-maintained sprinkler system can help slow a fire's progress until emergency personnel arrive.

Every year fires cost businesses more than $10 billion in damage and injure more than 17,000 people. Have you prepared to protect your People, Property and Productivity from fire damage?

We mathmatically determine your hazard areas to be protected and then take the length, width and height of that area and then properly match those dimensions with the appropriate sized system.

CJS partners with our clients to provide complete Fire Protection Solutions. Our comprehensive service and up to date technologies ensure code compliance, simplify tracking and insure financial value.

CJS Fire is a State Certified Contractor and holds a C-16 Fire Protection License.

CJS provides execellent customer service throughout the entire Northern California San Francisco Bay Area...

CJS proudly provides Fire Prevention services for...

  * Title 19 Fire Sprinkler Inspection and Certification
  * Tennant Improvement and New Installation
  * Fire Supression System Corrections, Repairs and Modifications

CJS's Licensed team... has installed, repaired, and serviced fire protection and life safety systems, business expansions and new projects in a range of facilities throughtout Northern California for over 10 years...

Office Buildings
Retail Shopping Malls
Multi-Building Residences

Schools, Colleges and Universities
Hospitals and Extended Care Facilities

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